Writing a UCAS personal statement doesn't have to be difficult

Your child wants to go to uni but they:

  • Have no idea where to start with writing their personal statement
  • What to put in and what to leave out for their chosen courses
  • Whether they've even done enough or read enough to write about
  • Don't want to have to re-draft 20 times to get it really good - they just want it done quickly and easily.

And you:

  • Want to help, but aren't certain you've got the best advice to give
  • Don't want this hanging over your family for months on end
  • Want to sleep well at night knowing that this part of the application process has been taken care of

If any of this is true join me for my

UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass

What is it?

The UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass is made up of two parts:

1. Live Personal Statement Planning Masterclass with me

During the live workshop you will:

    • Learn what admissions tutors are really looking for in your personal statement
  • What your personal statement really needs to showcase
  • Discover the simple tweak to your writing that leaves admissions tutors in no doubt that you're suitable for their course
  • Find out what supra-curricular activities are and which ones will paint you in the best light to admissions tutors, identify which ones you've done and which ones you need to do this summer to make sure you get the offers you want in the autumn

The live workshop will take place on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 7:30 pm.

It will include plenty of time for a Q&A session.

Normal price for a masterclass is £45

2. My Personal Statement Planning E-Course

The next step is to write your personal statement, using the detailed guidance and support in Your Complete Guide to a Winning Personal Statement. The e-course was carefully created to:

    • Banish writers' block, even for the least confident writers, so that you're not left staring at a winking cursor wondering what on earth to write
  • Quickly take you from blank piece of paper to a high quality first draft
  • Share the secrets of best-selling writers to help you write a captivating opening sentence
  • Give you a clear structure to follow but at the same time show off your unique insights and experiences to make admissions tutors desperate to teach you

Get immediate access to the e-course when you sign-up for the workshop.

Normal price for this e-course is £45

How much is the UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass + the e-course?

Only £75


I got an offer today from Oxford and just wanted to thank you for your help on my personal statement as I am sure that played a big part in my acceptance there and all  the other university's which offered me places.

Year 13 Student


I bought Lucy's personal statement package for my son after he produced about 4 lines in as many weeks. With Lucy's help he produced a full statement which his tutor said was “excellent- one of the best he’d seen”!



This guide has allowed me to show passion through relating different things I've done such as topic areas or courses/visits which I didn't think of myself. I had offers from all my unis.

Year 13 student

Who's behind the UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass?

That would be me!

My name is Lucy Parsons. I have helped dozens of students get into their first choice of university through Your Complete Guide to a Winning Personal Statement and 1:1 coaching sessions. Students have received interviews and places at universities across the country, including Oxbridge.


Got questions? The answer might be here...

I can't make it to the live workshop, what should I do?

The workshop will be recorded and the recording will be posted inside The Extraordinaries Club for people to watch at their convenience. You will have access to the recording for 365 days (1 year) from the day that you sign-up.

Will my child or I have to appear live on camera during the workshop?

No. The workshop is conducted on a video conferencing platform called Zoom. You can choose to show yourself on video and speak over audio to ask questions, but you can also turn off both the video and audio. It's up to you, although it's really nice if people do decide to show their faces and take an active part in the workshop. It results in a more enriching experience for everyone.

Do you accept refunds?

When you sign-up for the workshop you will get immediate access to the e-course material to download. As you will have access to my intellectual property straight away and there is no way of returning it to me, I will only accept refunds if you send me scanned copies of your completed worksheets from the live workshop and from the first two sections of the e-course, with an explanation of why it wasn't suitable for you.

Do you have other questions? Drop me an email on lucy@lifemoreextraordinary.com and I'll get back to you asap!