How to revise GCSE English Literature with Mr Salles

Is your child struggling to revise for GCSE English Literature?

It can seem really overwhelming revising for English Literature. There's so much to read, so much to write and so many quotes to learn.

Luckily, I've got an expert who can break it down and make revision for English Lit so much more manageable, and a great deal more successful.

Come along to the How to Revise English Literature Masterclass, taught by Mr Salles of YouTube fame to find out:

  • How many quotes you should learn and how to embed them in your writing
  • How to approach the unseen poetry questions
  • What to do to get a pass, and how to move from a 3/4 or 5/6 to a 7
  • How to structure your answer to the extract question
  • How to write a thesis to your essay
  • How planning the author's viewpoint in advance of the exam will force the examiner to give you more marks
  • Which literature themes will earn you the most marks
  • How to use context
  • Why writing about 'form' is a grade 7 skill everyone can learn
  • How to use the mark scheme in your revision
  • How to practise for a two and a quarter hour paper

Who is Mr Salles?

Dominic Salles has been an English teacher, then head of English and an Assistant Head Teacher for 26 years. He also runs the UK’s second largest English GCSE YouTube channel, Mr Salles Teaches English, with over 30,000 subscribers and 4.5 million views.

80% of his viewers believe that his videos have improved their grade, and 40% say that they went up by at least two grades.

He has also written the Mr Salles Guide to 100% in AQA English Language, to help students achieve the top grades. It has had more comments on Amazon from readers achieving grade 9 than any other guide. His Guide to the English Literatue Exam will be published on Amazon shortly.

Dominic Salles


 I am currently predicted to get a grade 8 (a*) but my track record for year ten begs to differ. I went from a grade 2 (f) to a grade 6 (b) in four weeks as a result of his instructions. Would deffo recommend.


From Amazon Review


Can’t recommend strongly enough. My daughter failed her mocks and this book gave her the convenience to walk into the real exams understanding what the examiners where looking for.

Amazon customer


Mr Salles' sheer expertise, passion and work ethic is astounding. As a private English tutor, I find his videos informative and inspiring.

Amazon Customer

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When is it?

The video masterclass is available to watch in the Extraordinaries Club now.

How will it work?

When you sign-up using the button at the bottom of this page you will be:

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You will be able to access the recording inside The Extraordinaries Club during your 31 days of membership. If you want to keep access after that you will have to upgrade to a full membership. 

How much is it?

It is £75 for access to the How to Revise English Literature masterclass plus 31 days membership of The Extraordinaries Club.

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Who is hosting the workshop?

That would be me!

My name is Lucy Parsons. At school I developed a study system that earned me five As at A level and a place at Cambridge University. I taught geography in secondary schools for four years and now coach students in exam skills. I am also the author of The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.


I sat next to my son and listened in, it was really informative and interesting and although Nick is only in Year 10 he said he found it motivating and it has definitely helped him to organise himself so he knows what to focus on and how to go about getting properly started! A big thank you from us!! 

Rosie Ward

Mother of a GCSE Student


My daughter took part in Lucy's October revision planning workshop and found it incredibly useful and really enjoyed interacting with all the others taking part. She started the workshop feeling very overwhelmed by the prospect of revision and finished with a clear vision of how and where to start. Would definitely recommend!

Kate Holgate
Mother of a GCSE Student


We have done Lucy's revision workshop with my 15 year old son, and it made a big difference to the way he applied himself to revision during half term. Prior to the workshop he had to be nagged to revise, and despite being reminded (!) about making a plan it didn't materialise. After the workshop, which he really engaged with for 2 hours, he has followed the advice, he has a plan and he does revision himself at least part of the time he should. We will definitely be working with Lucy again.

Cathy Wassell
Mother of a GCSE Student

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