How to Revise A Level English

A Masterclass

Does your child know how to revise effectively for A Level English Literature? 

Knowing where to start with A Level English Literature revision is really hard. It's not like revision for other subjects where you can tick things off as you memorise them.

That's why Helen Chaplain, English teacher and tutor extraordinaire, is going to teach you exactly how to revise for A Level English Literature in The Extraordinaries Club masterclass How to Revise A Level English Literature.

In the masterclass you'll discover how to:

  • Unpick what your examiner wants and adapt your revision and essay writing approach to fit this
  • Utilise critical views effectively to reach the higher level marks
  • Use resources efficiently to decrease the amount of time you spend revising and improve your marks
  • Plan answers under pressure
  • Prepare for papers which require a specific strategy
  • And lots more...

When you sign-up you will also get....

a minimum of 31 days access to

The Extraordinaires Club is an online hub containing my signature study skills course that will help your child to achieve their grades in the best way for them. It gives you on demand access to a library of workshops and downloads that cover everything you need to study successfully and you will get personalised advice from me through weekly coaching calls and an online forum.

It works because your child develops a personalised study system tailored to the way they work, what motivates them and their ambitions.

And you no longer have to stress, nag or worry.

When do I watch?

The masterclass will be taking place live on Thursday 24th September 2020 at 7 pm. You can join us live or watch the recording at your convenience.

How do you sign-up?

  • Choose whether you'd like 1 month's access, on-going monthly membership or annual membership and sign-up using the options further down the page
  • You will be able to watch the masterclass straight away, or log-in any time using the username and password you create at sign-up
  • You will be emailed your receipt and more support helping you to make the most of the masterclass and other resources inside The Extraordinaries Club

How much is it?

The How to Revise A Level English Literature Masterclass is £99. However, you can get access to it all for £64 per month (cancel at any time) when you take out a recurring subscription to The Extraordinaries Club (recommended). As a member of the club, you will get access to all the amazing How to Revise GCSE and A Level Masterclasses and The Exam Success Formula - the core modules that teach all students the fundamentals of how to study successfully.

1. The masterclass + 1 month membership of The Extraordinaries Club

£99 one off payment

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2. Join The Extraordinaries Club and get my full support for your family until you cancel 

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About Helen Chaplain

Helen Chaplain is both a fully qualified teacher and a solicitor (non-practising). She holds an MA in English Literature & English Language from Magdalen College, University of Oxford and has ten years' teaching experience in independent schools rated as "excellent".  

Helen left her role as Head of More Able and Talented and Oxbridge Co-ordinator at a leading North West school in July 2020 to join the Extraordinaries’ Club. She brings her significant experience in coaching students to work effectively, to develop their self-awareness and study skills and to increase their motivation. She has been heavily involved with helping students prepare their UCAS applications across the curriculum since 2010.


Helen Chaplain is a superbly gifted English teacher. Despite her obvious intellectual credentials, she was just as comfortable supporting a small group of GCSE students struggling their way towards a grade 4 or 5 as she was stretching the most able A-Level students. She was extremely popular with students and parents alike throughout her time at The Grange School. I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen’s help in supporting any student at any stage of the educational process for English: I know that she will provide expert and professional support that will inspire, motivate and build confidence, skills and subject attainment.

Andrew Crook

Deputy Head (Academic), The Grange School, 2014-2019


Helen taught me through GCSE and A level, while also helping me to apply to Oxford to read English Language and Literature. Helen asks astute questions which guide you towards new ways of thinking around problems. Her levelheaded assurance is matched with a realistic perspective: she clearly outlines what you need to do, with an intuitive understanding of how she can work with you to do it. These qualities are unfailingly supported by encouragement and confidence, which demonstrate her care for both her students’ abilities and their wellbeing. Now that I’m approaching the end of my course at Oxford, I often reflect on how Helen’s tutelage was instrumental in improving my academic ability and, crucially, in helping me to enjoy the work that I do.



During my experience as a Sixth Form student, Helen provided me with a strong balance of both academic and pastoral support. Her ability to engage with my personal goals was astute, and a style of teaching tailored individually to me ensured I could achieve my ambitions. Alongside my study of A-Level English Literature, Helen helped me to develop my own style of critical writing, whilst also pushing my ability to think laterally. Both of these skills have proved invaluable, not only in public examinations but also as I continue to pursue my study of English within Higher Education.


Who's behind The Extraordinaries Club?

That would be me!

My name is Lucy Parsons. At school I developed a study system that earned me five As at A level and a place at Cambridge University. I taught geography in secondary schools for four years and now coach students in exam skills. I am also the author of The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.


Being a member of The Extraordinaries Club has given my daughter a massive boost in confidence and improved her wellbeing hugely. She is really motivated and is feeling good - a very different place to where she started only three months ago.

Annette Benny

Mother of a GCSE Student


The Extraordinaries Club is a great way to get more in-depth, personalised help in the form of workshops, coaching calls, chat forums and specific topics. Both students and parents are supported on how to survive the exam years. Highly recommended if you want to help your child achieve their potential while retaining your sanity!”

Lisa Summers
Parent of a Year 11 Student


Working with Lucy I learned to manage my time, stay focused and prioritise. Lucy helped me not only to get the most of academic life, but to improve my leisture time too. I learned how to keep calm and be completely in control of my workload all year round. I will use the techniques she taught me far into the future, and some well beyond the classroom.

LJ Baxter
Private Client

1. The masterclass + 1 month's membership of The Extraordinaries Club

£99 one off payment

Your membership of The Extraordinaries Club will automatically expire

2. Join The Extraordinaries Club and get my full support for your family until you cancel 

£64per month

Recurring payment, cancel or pause your membership at any time

3. Join The Extraordinaries Club for a year and save £109 over 12 months. Full support for a year!

£512per year

Recurring payment, cancel or pause your membership at any time

Have questions? The answer might be here...

Is this masterclass for parents and students?

This masterclass is primarily for students, as they're the ones who need this information to improve their A Level English Literature revision technique. However, if parents want to join for moral support you're very welcome. 

Is this masterclass suitable for my my exam board?

This masterclass will focus on the three most popular A Level English Literature exam boards, AQA, OCR, Edexcel (Pearson). If you're studying the WJEC specification please let us know so we can accommodate you.

If I sign up for the masterclass will I be signing up for a recurring subscription to The Extraordinaries Club?

Only if you sign-up for a monthly recurring subscription (£64). If you sign-up for the 1 month limited membership (£99) you will only make one payment and your access will expire after 31 days. However, if you like the club and choose to upgrade to ongoing membership you can do that on your account page. If you choose not to, then your access to the club will expire after 1 month of membership. During your month of membership you will have all the same benefits as members on recurring subscriptions e.g. the ability to set up five sub-accounts for members of your family, participation in the live coaching calls and access to all the other resources and masterclasses on other subjects inside.

Can I sign-up for The Extraordinaries Club directly?

Yes! You'd be welcome to. This way you'll get access to all the other workshops I'm running through the year and you won't have to worry about signing up, as well as all the modules teaching study skills inside the club. Up to five members of your family can have their own log-ins to the club for one monthly membership fee. Click here to join The Extraordinaries Club on a recurring subscription.

I can't take part in the masterclass live. Will there be a recording?

Yes, the recording will be uploaded to The Extraordinaries Club the day after the live class and you will be emailed when it's available.

Do you have other questions? Drop me an email on and I'll get back to you asap!