How to Revise A Level Biology

A Masterclass

Does your child know how to revise effectively for A Level Biology? 

A Level Biology revision can be really overwhelming. There is so much content to learn, and getting the marks you deserve in exam questions can be really tricky.

That's why Aarti Lodhia, expert biology tutor, is going to teach you exactly how to revise for A Level Biology in The Extraordinaries Club masterclass How to Revise A Level Biology.

In the masterclass you'll discover how to:

  • Effectively revise the content of biology A-Level before you start answering exam questions
  • Organise your A-Level biology revision so that you don’t get overwhelmed and you cover everything that you need to
  • Answer A-Level biology exam questions
  • Structure longer A-Level biology exam questions and what language to use
  • Tackle data analysis questions
  • Avoid common mistakes that A-Level biology students make
  • And much more!

When you sign-up you will also get....

a minimum of 31 days access to

The Extraordinaires Club is an online hub containing my signature study skills course that will help your child to achieve their grades in the best way for them. It gives you on demand access to a library of workshops and downloads that cover everything you need to study successfully and you will get personalised advice from me through weekly coaching calls and an online forum.

It works because your child develops a personalised study system tailored to the way they work, what motivates them and their ambitions.

And you no longer have to stress, nag or worry.

When do I watch?

The masterclass will be taking place live on Thursday 25th February at 7pm. You can join us live or watch the recording at your convenience.

How do you sign-up?

  • Choose whether you'd like 1 month's access, on-going monthly membership or annual membership and sign-up using the options further down the page
  • You will be able to watch the masterclass live, or log-in any time during your membership using the username and password you create at sign-up
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How much is it?

The How to Revise A Level Biology Masterclass is £75. However, you can get access to it all for £64 per month (cancel at any time) when you take out a recurring subscription to The Extraordinaries Club (recommended). As a member of the club, you will get access to all the amazing How to Revise GCSE and A Level Masterclasses and The Exam Success Formula - the core modules that teach all students the fundamentals of how to study successfully.

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About Aarti Lodhi

Aarti Lodhia has trained over 500 students to get an A or A* in A-Level biology in her 12-year teaching career. She left her role as Curriculum Leader of A Level Science at a large sixth form college in July 2020 to set up Biology Academy. Aarti is an A-Level examiner and has previously been a GCSE examiner. 

Alongside her tutoring, Aarti is also an academic coach with The Extraordinaries Club and in her spare time is a professional dancer who has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and at the O2 arena. 


Aarti is an incredibly devoted teacher to each and every one of her students. Without her help, I definitely would have achieved 3-4 grades lower, or even failed entirely. She has put in countless hours tutoring me and helping me understand complex topics with simplicity, helping me to know what to do in exam questions (coming from a certified examiner) and guiding me to write essays incredibly well. Even though it has been a couple of years since she had taught me, I can still recall a lot of the information, even though it has nothing to do with my industry. I was truly fortunate to have learned from her and I am deeply grateful for all the help she has given me and anyone who has the incredible opportunity to do so currently has essentially won the golden ticket to succeeding in their exams. You truly are learning from the best of the best.

Kanoj Vora

Year 13 Student


Aarti was by far the best Biology teacher I ever had, she always knows her content for A1 and A2 perfectly and never failed to answer our questions, and would refer us to more resources if we were more curious about a topic. She showed constant dedication to the success of her students by always pushing us to learn more about a topic and supporting us with extra sessions. She always made sure the environment of our class was comfortable for us to ask questions and participate, but she also knew how to be strict about other aspects such as punctuality and homework. At the start of the second year I was struggling with the 25 marker essays and averaged a score of 7-8 but with her help and her motivating me, I was able to push through and average around 17-20 before the period of the exams.

Amir Tidmint

Year 13 Student


I would highly recommend Aarti Lodhia for teaching Biology. I have known her for the past 4 years and have been her student for three years. In those three years I have seen her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more complex concepts are commendable. It has been a year since I have left Gateway Sixth Form College and I still remember many of the complicated concepts due to her praiseworthy teaching techniques. She has always motivated me to achieve a grade higher and gave me opportunities to develop myself. Aarti is a hardworking, reliable, and a well-organised teacher, her efforts can be seen in the results of her former students. Due to her calm and friendly nature, she is an approachable person to ask even the silliest question. She pays equal attention to her students and responds to all our queries.

Anjali Prajapati

Year 13 Student

Who's behind The Extraordinaries Club?

That would be me!

My name is Lucy Parsons. At school I developed a study system that earned me five As at A level and a place at Cambridge University. I taught geography in secondary schools for four years and now coach students in exam skills. I am also the author of The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.


Being a member of The Extraordinaries Club has given my daughter a massive boost in confidence and improved her wellbeing hugely. She is really motivated and is feeling good - a very different place to where she started only three months ago.

Annette Benny

Mother of a GCSE Student


The Extraordinaries Club is a great way to get more in-depth, personalised help in the form of workshops, coaching calls, chat forums and specific topics. Both students and parents are supported on how to survive the exam years. Highly recommended if you want to help your child achieve their potential while retaining your sanity!”

Lisa Summers
Parent of a Year 11 Student


Working with Lucy I learned to manage my time, stay focused and prioritise. Lucy helped me not only to get the most of academic life, but to improve my leisture time too. I learned how to keep calm and be completely in control of my workload all year round. I will use the techniques she taught me far into the future, and some well beyond the classroom.

LJ Baxter
Private Client

1. The masterclass + 1 month's membership of The Extraordinaries Club

£75 one off payment

Your membership of The Extraordinaries Club will automatically expire

2. Join The Extraordinaries Club and get my full support for your family until you cancel 

£64per month

Recurring payment, cancel or pause your membership at any time

3. Join The Extraordinaries Club for a year and save £109 over 12 months. Full support for a year!

£512per year

Recurring payment, cancel or pause your membership at any time

Have questions? The answer might be here...

Is this masterclass for parents and students?

This masterclass is primarily for students, as they're the ones who need this information to improve their A Level Biology revision technique. However, if parents want to join for moral support you're very welcome. 

Is this masterclass suitable for my exam board?

This masterclass will focus on the three most popular A Level Biology exam boards, AQA, OCR and Edexcel (Pearson) as well as International AQA. 

What’s the point of the masterclass if exams have been cancelled?

Exams in their normal form may have been ‘cancelled’ for year 13s but some form of assessment is still going to take place and the grades awarded this summer will be dependent on how well you do in the assessments.

In the topics that students are assessed on, exam boards are still going to be wanting students to demonstrate that they have:

  • The depth of knowledge and understanding that someone would normally have to get a specific grade

  • They have the thinking and communication skills (what we’d call exam technique) to get a specific grade

So, it’s still very much worth students in year 13 getting fully up to speed with their A-Level biology revision and study skills.

For year 12s, we have to assume that exams will go ahead next year in their normal form. So, the sooner you develop the study and revision skills you’ll learn in this masterclass the more ready you’ll be for next year’s exams, with way less stress because you’ve been doing it right all along.

If I sign up for the masterclass will I be signing up for a recurring subscription to The Extraordinaries Club?

Only if you sign-up for a monthly recurring subscription (£64), which you can pause or cancel at any time. If you sign-up for the 1 month limited membership (£75) you will only make one payment and your access will expire after 31 days. However, if you like the club and choose to upgrade to ongoing membership you can do that on your account page. If you choose not to, then your access to the club will expire after 1 month of membership. During your month of membership you will have all the same benefits as members on recurring subscriptions e.g. the ability to set up five sub-accounts for members of your family, participation in the live coaching calls and access to all the other resources and masterclasses on other subjects inside.

Can I sign-up for The Extraordinaries Club directly?

Yes! You'd be welcome to. This way you'll get access to all the other workshops I'm running through the year and you won't have to worry about signing up, as well as all the modules teaching study skills inside the club. Up to five members of your family can have their own log-ins to the club for one monthly membership fee. Click here to join The Extraordinaries Club on a recurring subscription.

I can't take part in the masterclass live. Will there be a recording?

Yes, the recording will be uploaded to The Extraordinaries Club the day after the live class and you will be emailed when it's available.

Do you have other questions? Drop me an email on and I'll get back to you asap!