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    • BTECs are considered to be vocational rather than academic qualifications so it really depends what route you see your son or daughter taking in the future as to which is more appropriate. If they're aiming for top-level academic universities than BTECs are probably best avoided, but other than that they should be fine. Ultimately, it comes down to what suits them in terms of how they learn and their motivation and interest level in each of the courses they're selecting. They will do better learning in a way that suits them and studying things that interest them. I don't know the answer about the Ofqual level 2 awards but I'd encourage you to think again about what they see doing in the future. If they're more likely to get higher grades in the subjects they have qualifications in outside school, then it's a good idea to go for them, unless, of course, they see themselves pursuing a career that would need different subjects. I did music GCSE because I'd done music exams all the way through school and really all I had to do was turn up to get an A - it seems silly to pass this up, particularly as most people won't look that closely at what subjects your GCSEs are in, just the grades that you get. The important thing to do is to get the grades you need in the subjects you want to pursue at higher levels. In all other subjects, do what motivates you and what you're most likely to do well in.
    • Hi @LClark, When you do each lesson and module there's an option to 'Mark as Complete'. See image below: Then, you can see which lessons you've completed on the front page of each module. Completed lessons are marked with the green tick: So, yes you can see which modules / lessons you've completed if you mark them as complete as you go.
    • Hi I’ve been dipping in and out and have done modules but don’t know what I’ve completed, if I’ve done done modules twice? Does it allow me to do modules if I’ve already done them ? Can I see a list of what I’ve completed. Or is this down to me to make a note?    Thank you 
    • A member of the group has asked me to post this question on their behalf: My question is about choosing GCSE options. I would like to know if there are any disadvantages in the long run of selecting level 2 BTECs rather than GCSEs as our school is offering a mixture of both.  In addition, if Ofqual level 2 awards have been achieved outside of school in dance or music is there any benefit of also studying these subjects at GCSE level?  
    • What's gone well for you this week? No matter how big or small your win might be, I want to know about it! And, focusing on the things that have gone well will make you feel so much more positive about your progress. Let me know what your wins are in the comments below...
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